I received the pink slip to pick up the package on Friday and went to pick it up from the post office on Saturday. The ring looks awesome!!! I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I am. It has been such a battle with this ring and to finally see it look like that is a great feeling. I cannot begin to thank you for such a fine job…. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you!

Anna from Illinois

I just received my ring and I can't believe my eyes! The stone looks so beautiful, nothing like the 'ugly duckling' that I have sent to you! You have done an excellent job and I am very pleased! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Nadia from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I received my diamond yesterday, just as you said I would, and I was very pleased with it, again, just as you said I would be. You guys took a terrible stone and turned it into a gem I am proud to show. I am very impressed with your services and your service, and I'm not easily impressed! Thanks again

Kevin from Iowa

I am so happy with the results of my diamonds . I showed them to my jeweler and He admitted your job was very good Thanks for all you did for me. I bought 2 wonderful semimounts and I am already wearing the small diamond and it looks nice. I will recommend you a friend her name is JO. Maybe she could call you She lives in U.S.A. Thanks .

Yvonne from Mexico

I have received the diamonds yesterday. They look better then before. The cracks that made them look really cloudy are gone... I am very pleased with the treatment.

Benson from Sweden

The diamond has arrived and what a difference!!!! Thank you so much for all of your help!!!

Anne from New Hampshire

I received and inspected the diamond today--you guys did a great job. Now it faces up pretty darn clean which is exactly what I was looking for. Given what it started out as I'd say you did an awesome job! Thanks!

Andrew from Illinois

I got the diamond and it is great...you guys did a great job and I'm very happy with it.Thanks

Jose from South Carolina

I received it at around 5 PM yesterday. Thanks for all your help! It looks great. Thanks.

Laura from Ohio

The stone looks so incredible - it's hard to believe it's the same stone I sent. I'll no doubt be contacting you in the next month or so regarding the .33 carat we talked about. Once again, thanks!

Cheryl from Illinois

I am very pleased with how the diamond turned out, I didn't know it could have a better appearance. Don't be surprised if you hear from me again. Thanks

Jane from Ohio

To whom it may concern: Recently I had a diamond treated by your team. My experience was great. Even though I'm not a "big-time jeweler". Your service personnel always treated me with the greatest respect. That was appreciated. The technician did a great job with the stone, taking a large included diamond and transforming it into a priceless jewel. My highest praises are to John He went way out of his way to notify me at every step of the way. From secure delivery to notifications of progress. He is an asset to your team and a true professional. Thank you for a great job at a great price.

Peter from New York



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