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Welcome to Leshem Diamonds USA., your source for Clarity Enhanced Diamonds. We are located on 47th st, the heart of the diamond industry in New York City.

Our diamond company is established on a very advanced knowledge, laboratory research and equipment. We have strong business ties with a number of diamond manufacturers in Israel, Belgium and India who are among the leaders of the diamond trade. Our engagement with the diamond manufacturers enables us to provide you with a wide selection of diamonds directly from the source all at low prices - guaranteed!!!

Our objective is to be the number one source to the industry for clarity enhanced diamonds and diamond jewelry. But what does that really mean to you? First it means quality and price; to offer the lowest competitive prices without sacrificing quality. It means having the largest inventory, assuring the greatest availability and selection. And finally, being number one demands our support, doing everything possible to help our customers succeed.

We believe that Leshem Diamonds USA is already the best in the business. But being number one also means being the best we can be, not merely better than the competition. Leshem Diamond Services will do more for our customers and charge less for our products than any company.

Leshem Diamonds USA has a thorough knowledge and understanding of all clarity enhanced diamond treatments. Different treatments deal with varying types of internal inclusions. We have access to a wide variety of those clarity enhanced diamond treatments, each with its own advantage. Therefore, LDS can apply our knowledge, and subject the correct treatment to the appropriate stone, making every diamond look more beautiful and therefore become more saleable.

Choose from a more diversified product selection and a superior range of product quality, at a much lower price. Lower than Yehuda, Oved and Goldman? You bet, and you probably already know why. My overhead is a fraction of theirs. We’re in Taos, not New York. Employing far fewer people. And you won’t see my ads in Town & Country or Modern Jeweler.

Add it all up and the savings are significant. And here’s the best part: I’m passing these savings on to you, our customers.

Equal or better quality. Equal or superior service. Overnight delivery. A full memo program. And an interactive website that provides you with helpful, invaluable information. All this at lower costs.

Buy smarter. Buy better quality. Take no risks. And pay less. That’s value! And that’s one heck of an advantage.

We are a family run business. Humie Leshem and his brother Rami are both social science graduates and have more than a decade of extensive experience in the diamond industry. Although we are a relatively new company, established in early 1996, we have already earned an excellent reputation based on consistent professional standards, outstanding service and attractive prices.

We are members of the Jewelers Board of Trade (JBT), the Polygon Trading Network

For your convenience our services include:
  • Loose diamonds or set in 14K solitaire rings
  • Matching diamonds for earring-studs, side-stones and tennis bracelets
  • Fancy shapes and colors clarity enhanced diamonds
  • Clarity enhancement of your own stone
  • Recutting and polishing of diamonds
  • Flexible memo program

One-Stop Call For All Your Diamond Needs

How You Benefit:
If you are interested in generating more business and increase sales, then you should use this world wide web site. This site is designed especially for you, the jewelry store buyer and the diamond purchaser.

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