Colored Enhanced Diamond General Information

What are Color Enhanced Diamonds?
Although the passion for diamonds has traditionally been for colorless stones, colored diamonds became extremely popular late in the 20th century. Consumers today have come to appreciate the beautiful range of natural colored diamonds, its rarity and its exceptional glamour. People are also learning that few other gemstones appear in the depths and ranges of color as seen in diamonds.

Even though colored diamonds are a small percentage of the total world diamond production, they are often the center of attention in major auctions, in highly viewed television shows, film festivals and among Hollywood celebrities. Colored diamonds are extremely expensive and it seems that they are normally purchased by very rich consumers.

Those reasons have pushed both scientists and gemologists to find ways to improve diamonds quality by artificially colored them. Those diamonds know today as Color Enhanced Diamonds.

Color enhanced diamonds are natural polished diamonds. However they were treated by one of three different processes in which changes its natural color to a desirable color or shade. These processes give natural white diamonds their magnificent colorful brilliance of extremely rare, natural colored diamonds.

The diamond enhancement process gives the jeweler the opportunity to be more expressive, by offering a vast array of brilliant colors and shades other than the traditional colorless diamond and for the consumers to be able to afford them.


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